Status Minor lyrics… Here you are!




I met my wife Helen at a book fair in New Orleans’ back in 78. I enjoy literature and I

probably read more than the next guy, but not any of that science fiction – horror stuff. It has

to be based on facts like biographies. I remember seeing her showcasing books for children

and teens with this adorable smile, but it was her dark hair that got my attention. Dark hair is

my thing; lighter colors all seem somewhat bland and impersonal. I’ve never had any

difficulties getting a date, and we agreed to meet the following day in a nearby French café. It

was a nice date, an enjoyable evening, and things just kind of fell into place. She even offered

to pay for the coffee. There was a certain warmth to her and I liked how she got along with


Our Common Curse


I am worse than a nightmare. Run now, a chance to get awayAnd set me free

I don’t like the look in your eyes. For one, there’s no other daybreak, No final plea

How could you be so cruel?


You see that you’re almost like me, A little worse, Here, I’ve got my fire to give

Our common curse, I’m dancing one more time, Convinced I’ll repeat my crime


When you’re alone with your conscience, You don’t know what prevents your sleep

The noise in the dark, I am right here behind you

You turn but you are far too weak, I find my mark

Tonight I’ll dance for you, It will end with you


You see that you’re almost like me, A little worse, Here, I’ve got my fire to give

Our common curse, I’m dancing one more time, Over your broken spine


Your heart is pounding hard, it pumps your blood, Out of your arteries, mixing it with mud, Tonight I’ll dance for you


This dance is for you, It ends when you do, Creatures of nightmare, We dance in the dark


Turn Back Time


Why? It’s always why – Cry, that will just make my day

Now you pay – No, a million times

They’re also your flesh and blood – Now all mine

I have brought you down, to the ground – Ego shattered, shards can’t be found

Like before we share a name – We despise you just the same

Away, go away – Do you ever close your eyes

For a while and realize – You’ve lost, it’s my game

I am right – All alone, got no one

Is that why I’m so empty inside?

I’m hollow, lost my soul – Is that why there’s no one by my side?

I wish I could turn back time and start again

Turn my eyes away and swallow all the pain

Demonstrate forgiveness, not dwell on bitter blame

I would turn the tide, the sun would shine again

Weathering all the storms as one with you, my friend

I wish I could’ve seen you like I did years before




The way, forgotten – A liar, now you pay

The more I hurt you, I hurt inside -Desire has a price: the joy in your life


Sometimes I wonder, could I still forgive – Would it make our lives easier to live

How I wish to turn the page and find another dawn

I wish could forgive you


The Tunnel (instrumental)


Free me


I control you, And all that you hold dear, I make and break you

I need you too , And I sincerely hope you’ll never find that out

Enter the room, The warmth is sucked away, you sense my shadow

I spread my gloom, You all feel it but no one dares to comprehend


You think your time has come , That you will be the one

Your dreams will be undone , To me you’re always scum


Stay up ’till you’re numb, keep fighting , We are so close, you see

You think it’s your kingdom come , But only I am free

You free me


You’re a part of me, A tired little gear that keeps my world turning

Lost dignity, I have broken your will like I have done with them all

My favorite tool, You’re living in a world devoid of color

A wretched fool, You could walk out but once more you put on your collar

Your time will never come, You’ll never be the one

Your dreams will be undone , To me you’re always scum

Stay up ’till you’re numb, keep fighting – We are so close, you see

I’ll see all your dreams undone – You’ll never be the one

Do you see why you’re not free? – It’s me, it’s me…

So we are the one and finally I can feel I’m free, Since it’s our kingdom come

And I can feel I’m free – You free me

Hard to Find

What once was our home, Is now filled with echoes

Of what should have been today, Happiness was hard to find

Effortless to leave behind, You wanted to stay

But I pushed you away

I wish I had told you,  What our love meant to me, Before you passed away

Happiness was hard to find, Effortless to leave behind

You wanted to stay, But I pushed you away, I pushed you away

Max and Pattie

Max was our firstborn, and two years later came Pattie. The first time around Helen suffered

from severe eclampsia and she and Max had to stay at the hospital for two weeks. I visited

them two or three times a day, but I still had to work the rest of the day. There was the

mortgage and the daily restocking of the fridge. Although Helen was first horrified of the

idea, we decided to have another child. Dr.Silberman, our family doctor, helped Helen see

past the difficult labour. In retrospect it was kind of sweet, the way she panicked. With Pattie

everything went more than well, and they got home after a day or two. Those were the first

couple of days that I spent alone with Max , and Helen was really proud of how well I could

function as a dad, even when she wasn’t around.


Feel My Hunger


Your madness makes me sick , You can’t be from this world

That’s all I thought, I’d get., But then I read your word

I ask you once again, Do you share my dream?

You nod and draw your breath, Say yes, like on the screen

I wash the gore from the floor, And hide the meat hook

Bones ground to flour and flesh torn, A freezer’s full of memories of you

Feel my hunger, live my dream, A kiss goodbye, no time to scream

Our mutual insanity, We forsake humanity

We have agreed on roles, You’re the victim, I’m the master

You warm the frying pan, My hunger’s growing faster

Let the feast commence, It’s the guest who should start

I hope you’ll last it through, As dessert, there’ll be heart

Red wine and blood, just mix them well

Now you are done, welcome to my hell


Your blood runs hot, It’s flowing free

I’m your Ammut, Give your soul to me

Your blood runs hot, You see it’s real

Sip from the cup, Now it’s inside me

I had been hiding, biding my time

I’d never find you, was my fear

But finally my brother came to me

Now we’re together, forever

We have grown closer than I ever dreamed

With all his memories consumed


The Slender Man


Your world isn’t real, now I realize, I hear them crying, he isn’t just a fairytale

We’re safe in his arms, he vows to protect our lives, We pledge our loyalty, and already fail

Ooh, the Slender Man is mad, He needs us to kill to make him calm

Ooh, there’s vengeance to be had, We strive to follow his every call

He carries no features on his face, Without lips to speak, we still hear what he says

Handsome in a dark suit and a matching tie, Long, thin arms open wide, I can’t suppress a cry

You’re staring at me, I know that you can see, With your eyes that are not there

Please, take me away, I won’t stand another day, Living in this endless nightmare


The Slender Man is mad, ooh, here’s vengeance to be had

We strive to follow his every call, ooh, He needs us to kill to make him calm

The Slender Man is mad




It was a Tuesday morning and I was at the buss stop waiting, as I had been so many times

before. Morning is my favorite time of the day, people are at their most alert. I was waiting by

the sign for my buss, which I knew was coming within a minute or two. Finally the buss

arrived and I saw her get out. She was wearing a new teddybear-shirt that I hadn’t seen before

and a her pink back-pack with several colourful ponies hanging from it. I believe the shirt was

a birthday present and there seemed to be a few more ponies than before.


With small steps she started walking, after first thanking the driver politely. I kept some

distance, but was still right next to her. She was apparently eager to get home, because she

didn’t stop to play on the way. I even had to pick up the pace as she impatiently jumped and

danced her way ahead of me. I had chosen a spot on the Park lane where big Pine-trees offer

good cover, and it’s quite peaceful at all hours of the day.


I waited for her to dance her way to the big Pine-tree and then I grabbed her and quickly

pulled her in to the bushes. She didn’t have time to let out even a single sound before she was

in a deep, chloroform-induced sleep. I really liked this sheltered spot behind the trees. It was

shady and cool, with barely any direct sunlight all day, and even the city street noises were

muffled. I had hid my scalpel in a rabbit hole earlier so I only had to carry a pair of rubber

gloves with me. I didn’t like the idea of the scalpel cutting through my pockets or my skin

before playtime.


I always started with a long incision from the sternum to the lower stomach and when the

blade cut through I felt her giggle. They all laughed when they first felt the steel on their skin.

she smiled a pretty smile when she saw the blood gush out. I first removed the skin from the

whole chest and stomach area, and when I held it up for her to look at she laughed even

louder and wanted to keep playing. As I slowly cut her legs she started laughing a bit too

loud. I asked her to control herself, because we didn’t want others to hear us, did we? What

would happen to our playtime then?


While I was removing her internal organs, liver, heart, stomach, she told me about her

birthday party the day before, and how her mother had baked her a beautiful cake. All her

friends, including our Max, were at the party, and she had gotten a lot of nice presents. I

assured her that her new teddybear-shirt would stay clean during our play. I placed the organs

next to her for her to see and she was eager to know their names: “Is that my heart? And

what’s that? What about that one?” I answered all her questions as carefully and thoroughly as

if the child had been my own.


I cut her hair and scalp off with one beautiful sweep, and she joked that mom wouldn’t have

to cut her hair today. The long, dark, and shiny hair smelled like it had just been washed – she

had probably the most beautiful hair I’d ever seen. She wanted me to cut off some wisps, so

she could use them later when she’d play with her ponies. I put some of the hair in her

backpack right away so we wouldn’t forget. I made a hole in the back of her skull to trickle

her brain out through. Brains contain all the memories and things she’d learned, so when I had

them in my hands, I knew her better. I saw her utter her first words, jumping rope, sitting on

the potty, and on the street by their home running away from her big brother. She said that

now we’re we can be the best of friends and play together any time.


She said she was tired, and I started putting the organs back inside her. Kids tire so easily. I

sewed up her stomach, poured the brains through the hole back into her skull, placed her eyes

back into their sockets and closed the eyelids. I told her she could stay here and rest for a bit

after I left. I placed the colourful ponies in her lap and she immediately fell asleep. I later read

in the paper that she had slept for almost an entire day before she was woken and got to go

home to play with her new toys. That evening, my wife Helen made Salmon for dinner and it

was delicious.

Composing some new songs

Three Faces Of Antoine is waiting for the release, but we are working hard with new songs. Status Minor’s 4th album is composed and we are working with arrangements. This one will be something else…again.

Status Minor – Three Faces Of Antoine, release date 7th of December 2017


Lion Music LTD

Please describie the new album musically and lyrically?

Sami: The album is very dark and mean but melodic. There are parts that you musically dive into madness but some gloomy melodys that brings you back to surface. What comes to lyrics I can explain them in just one word: violence. It´s an concept album. I don´t want to expose too much.

If you had to choose one artist (I know this is hard) but if we had to say ”recommended for fans of XXXX” who would that be?

Sami: Symphony X

How does it differ from previous recordings?

Sami: Three Faces Of Antoine is more mature than Dialog and Ouroboros. And much darker and solid. For me it´s the best Status Minor album so far.

What was the goal with making this album?

Sami: To share our musical vision with the world. I really hope it will reach as many people as possible.

Any specific influences towards music or lyric subject?

Sami: When composing I had this one book in mind which name I can´t tell you yet.

How long did it take to make this album?

Sami: About six years. We have to make the next album faster.

What has the different musicians contributed to the result?

Sami: I composed the music and everyone else made their own ”thing” to make it sound better.
I had a few vocal lines in mind but Markku composed the rest.

Three Faces of Antoine – digital release and CD release

Hello there!

We have some wonderful news. Status Minor’s upcoming album THREE FACES OF ANTOINE will have digital and CD release sometime in the future. We just got two different masters of the album and we are finishing cd booklet in next few weeks.

Cover art is made by Lord Colin O’Neal

He have done a brilliant artwork named – ”Drip into Existence” and we agreed with him to use that masterpiece in our cover art.